Postdoctoral researchers

Dr Rossella Arcucci 

Dr Alexis Arnaudon

Dr Alijadallah Belabess

Alijadallah Belabess joined the ICL team on a joint appointment between the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Innovation (CHEPI)  and the Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare (CMPH) in the Mathematics Department. Alijadallah is a graduate of both the Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and has previously worked at Credit Suisse as a Quantitative Strategist.

Alijadallah joined Imperial College Business School in September 2018 working on the Science & Technology in Childhood Obesity Policy (STOP) project. His current research focuses on using mathematical models to produce estimates of the future burden of childhood obesity in the EU, its impact on health care expenditure, delivery, population well-being, health, and socio-economic inequalities, as well as estimating changes in these impacts through exploring various health and non-health-related policy options.

Dr Jonathan Clarke

Dr Paul Expert

Carlos Alexandre O’Doherty de Figueired

Dr Antonia Godoy-Lorite

Jonathan R. Goodman

Jonathan is a Fellow of the Centre for Health Policy at the Institute of Global Health Innovation, where he specialises in digital health policy. His primary interests are ethics in digital health and the evolution of disease. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Week, and Aeon, among other publications.

Dr Sam Greenbury

Dr Florian Klimm

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  • Floarian's project is the interface between the EPSRC Centre for the Mathematics of Precision Healthcare and the Cambridge Mitochondrial Biology Unit on the topic of using single cell stochastics and statistics to study ageing. 

Dr Andrew McArdle

Andrew is following the Imperial 4i/NIHR BRC Clinician Training Scheme. He is working on “Identifying an infectious aetiology of Kawasaki Disease through integrative metagenomics of throat swabs and immune complexes” under the superviosn of Dr Myrsini Kaforou (Department of Medicine), Professor Mauricio Barahona (Department of Mathametics), Professor Mike Levin (Department of Medicine).

Dr Asher Mullokandov

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  • Find out more about Asher's research on clustering symptoms in disease progression
  • Asher is also a is Crick-Turing Biomedical Data Science award holder

    The Crick-Turing Biomedical Data Science Awards (BDSA) provide funding to early career data science researchers to undertake a part-time 12-month pilot collaborative research project using data generated by Crick scientists. The projects apply data science approaches to challenges faced by biomedical investigators, under the leadership of a PI from Crick and a PI from the Turing. The aim of these pilot projects is to establish partnerships and develop results that could lead to larger funded collaborations.

Dr Kris Parag

My research focuses on translating fundamental information and control theoretic principles into new biological insights. I have previously applied optimal filters, Poisson information theory, queuing theory and experimental design to better understand phylodynamical processes (coalescent and birth-death models), invertebrate vision and the fundamental precision limits of simple biochemical networks. My current work aims to use event-triggered control and minimum description length to derive minimally complex models for describing the effective epidemiology of Ebola and influenza outbreaks.

Dr Robert Peach

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  • Rob is a Research Associate at Imperial College London (UK) affiliated with the Department of Mathematics, the Dementia Research Institute and Imperial College Business School. His research deals with the analysis of complex systems that can be abstracted as networks or graphs.

Dr Yuanwei Xu

Miss Lan Wang 

Research Assistants

  • Mr Felix Johann Sebastian Laumann
  • Ms Sophia Franziska Mersmann
  • Mr Ashleigh Christopher (Ashleigh) Myall
  • Dr Wei Pan
  • Mr Jerzy Pilipczuk
  • Mr Florian Jianing Song
  • Dr Xian Yang
  • Dr Chengliang Dai
  • Dr Todd Landon Fallesen