Jorge Ferrer – Scientific Lead

Jorge2Jorge is Head of the Section of Epigenomics and Disease, Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator, MRC Programme Leader, and leads Genetics and Genomics in the NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre. He has a longstanding interest in genome regulation of pancreatic beta cells and its implications for human diabetes.


 Vahid Elyasigomari - Post Doctoral Researcher

VahidVahid works on the development of Islet specific non-coding variant annotation tool, a machine learning approach that integrates various datasets ranging from functional, regulatory, and comparative genomics. Before that, he was a research associate at the Data Science Institute where he worked on  projects such as eTRIKS and BioVacSafe to develop a translational medicine data management platform (PlatformTM). His research interests are bioinformatics and large-scale biomedical data management and analysis. 


Emily Heathward - Graduate Student

Emily HeathwardEmily is a graduate student funded by the MRC Doctoral Training Partnership for the research theme of Experimental Medicine. Her research focuses on modelling pancreatic beta cell enhancer function in diabetes through CRISPR-based screening methods and pathophysiological modelling.


Dorota Cieslak-Jones - PA to Jorge Ferrer

Dorota Cieslak-Jones

Provides direct support to the Section Head and administrative support to academic staff within the Section.

Tel: +44(0)207 594 2739  / +44(0)207 594 2245