Composite microscopic images taken using FILM microscopic equipment

A Zeiss LSM-780 inverted confocal laser scanning microscope with full incubation chamber, 7 laser lines and 34 detectors (32 channel GaAsP array).

Advantages of this microscope

  • Incubation system for microscope for long-term live cell studies, with both software-controlled temperature regulation and CO2 regulation
  • Emission bands may be flexibly selected to within 1nm accuracy, without emission filters or secondary dichroics
  • High-sensitivity detectors, high dynamic range
  • Slide, dish and multiwell formats
  • Scan speeds of up to 8 frames/second with 512 x 512 pixels eg. 250 frames/sec at 512 x 16 pixels


Hammersmith Campus, ICTEM (L-Block) room 314

Quickstart guide

Quickstart guide - Confocal HCF1 Zeiss LSM780 Inverted (PDF)‌

HCF1 Live Imaging Guide (PDF)

Hardware configuration

Please see the FILM wiki page - HCF1 hardware configuration

Zeiss Objective List (PDF)

Offline software