Composite microscopic image taken using FILM equipment

Automated high-content widefield inverted microscope with a full environmental chamber for temperature and CO2 control and Collibri LED illumination. The system is controlled by the Zen Blue software and is equipped with a large range of filter sets, 7 LEDs (385 / 420 / 470 / 520 / 567 / 590 / 625 nm), 4 objectives (5x, 20x,20x,50x; magnification changer 0.5x, 1x, 2x.) and the Zeiss Axiocam 506  and Axiocam 702 cameras. This microscope is in a containment level 2 laboratory.


Advantages of this microscope

  • Slide, dish and multiwell formats
  • Multi-point / multiwell 4D imaging
  • Ideal for sensitive, fast imaging of multiwell fixed and live experiments
  • Excellent for high-content screening.


CMBI, Flowers Building, room 4.35

HTSCA website: High Throughput Single Cell Analysis - (HTSCA) Facility | Research groups | Imperial College London

Quickstart guide

 Cell Discoverer Handbook (PDF)

Hardware configuration

WF6 Filter Sets and LEDs (PDF)

WF6 Objectives (PDF)

 Offline software