Image Analysis Software and Computers

General Information

Analysis PC's

  • Analysis Computers - There are two analysis workstations availible to book, one for each campus, for demanding image processing and analysis (free to use for registered FILM users).

Open Source Software

  • Software - FIJI (FIJI is just ImageJ)  - general image handling - a maintained version of ImageJ (Windows , Linux  and , MacOS). 
  • Software - ICY for general image handling,  good for cell segmentation and tracking (Windows, Linux, MacOS) - Pasteur Institute.
  • FLIMfit  - Fluorescent lifetime analysis software (Windows and MacOS) - developed at Imperial College London.
  • ImageJ  - general image handling and analysis  - (Windows, Linux and MacOS) - NIH -  see FIJI 
  • CellProfiler and CellProfiler Analyst - software for quantitative analysis of biological images (Windows and MacOS) - Broad Institute Inc.
  • Ilastik - the interactive learning and segmentation toolkit (Windows , Linux  and , MacOS). 
  • QuPath is a powerful, flexible, extensible software platform for whole slide image analysis.

Commercial Software

  • Software - Huygens  - Deconvolution software, 3D rendering and analysis  (Licenced Server).
  • Software - Imaris  - 3D visualisation/rendering and analysis (Windows - Licenced Server).
  • Software - Volocity  - Good for 3D visualisation/rendering and movie contruction (Windows - Licenced Server).
  • Software - Definiens - Object-based image analysis package (Windows - Licenced Server).
  • Omero - Image database - view, organise, analyse and share your data - (Research computing service - enquiries to rcs-support"at" (Web Based).