• Multi-dimensional visualisation (XY, stacks, 2D and 3D)
  • Movie creation
  • Rendering and tracking
  • Measurements and quantification
  • Charged software

Help, training and online information


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Film Service

Download the latest version of Volocity ( via the Quorum Technologies website). Install it on your computer - when starting the software, it will ask you for the licence server details:

  • Click on 'server' and fill in the following details - Address:
  • Port 15002
  • Confirm with 'ok'
  • Fill in your username and password

Choose only the modules you really need (licences are limited and shared by over 300 FILM users)

  • Visualisation - Visualisation only (3D rendering)
  • Quantification - Quantification only (measurements, FRET)
  • Restoration - Restoration only (deconvolution)
  • Complete - Visualisation, Quantification, Restoration (only use if you REALLY need all modules, otherwise select the ones you need).

Guidelines, Charges, Booking


Please note: as soon as you are finished, please close Volocity down. The number of licenses is limited, and you will be charged while you are logged on


There is no booking system for Volocity - just follow the instructions to access the licence