• Multi-dimensional visualisation (XY, stacks, 2D and 3D)
  • Movie creation
  • Rendering and tracking
  • Measurements and quantification
  • Currently no charge


Register or contact  FILM

Film Service

To download the software, please contact FILM staff. Install it on your computer - when starting the software, it will ask you for the licence server details:

  • Click on 'server' and fill in the following details - Address:
  • Port 15002
  • Confirm with 'ok'
  • Fill in your username and password

Choose only the modules you really need (licences are limited and shared by over 300 FILM users)

  • Visualisation - Visualisation only (3D rendering)
  • Quantification - Quantification only (measurements, FRET)
  • Restoration - Restoration only (deconvolution)
  • Complete - Visualisation, Quantification, Restoration (only use if you REALLY need all modules, otherwise select the ones you need).

Guidelines, Charges, Booking


Please note: as soon as you are finished, please close Volocity down as the number of licenses is limited


There is no booking system for Volocity - just follow the instructions to access the licence