The complex nature of both undergraduate and postgraduate education requires us to use a variety of different 'best of breed' applications or bespoke solutions. We provide training and support in all these applications, some of which include:

  • Virtual Learning Environments – both MOOC and on campus / blended solutions
  • Team Based Learning software
  • Online Submission, Marking and Plagiarism detection
  • Formative and Summative marking platforms
  • Content Management / online handbook solutions
  • Placement Guides and Clinical Calendars
  • Peer Feedback of Group Work
  • Student Project Picking

Given the number of applications used within the Faculties, we provide a framework for providing staff and students signposting, training and transparency around the applications they may be required to use. This includes:

Student Dashboard / Portals

We provide a centralised student dashboard for undergraduate students which aims to reduce the difficulty of finding resources in a timely and context specific manner.

System integration

One of the common pain points across all programmes is data processing and offline spreadsheet manipulation.

Our technical team aims to create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help better integrate different applications, which would reduce staff burden, decrease the risk of errors and provide a more seamless student experience.


Please email us to find out more how we can help.