New multi-functional model: In order to achieve a cost-effective and realistic model, our new breast surgical model has been designed with re-usability in mind. In the first session, it can be used for wide-local excision. The same model can then be re-used at a subsequent session for a wire-guided teaching session. Finally, the cavities in the model created during the tumour removal procedures can be used to practise lipomodelling in a third teaching session.

Mastopexy reduction model: The current synthetic model was cast using a simulated patient with normal size breasts. The next development will be to take a cast from a larger patient. This new model will be more suitable for teaching procedures such as mastopexy reduction.


Axillary clearance: The Skills Programme is once again leading the way with the in-house development of a synthetic model for axillary clearance. Until the development of this model there had been no high-fidelity simulation on which breast trainees could practise this surgical procedure.