Consultant Assesses TraineesThe Skills Team has collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, educationalists, and psychologists to develop user-friendly, reliable, and valid assessment tools, which are successfully used every year within the scope of the Annual Simulation-based Surgical Skills Assessment.  The resulting data will form a unique educational tool, which we hope to turn into an interactive platform for trainees to obtain detailed feedback on their performance and for trainers to provide targeted teaching in the OT. The assessment tools allow detailed profiling of trainees’ competency and will enable us to set competency standards across training levels.

Assessment Dates 2022-23

Every trainee in the Skills Programme - approximately 200 in total - has to attend the annual surgical skills assessment in a simulated environment. This year the annual surgical skills assessments will take place at the end of the academic year in September. The procedures to be tested can therefore be chosen from the entire Programme curriculum. Assessment sessions will be either 08.30-12.30 or 13.00-17.00.

Results 2022

Results from the annual trainee surgical skills assessments for 2021-22 were sent to panels for inclusion at the trainee ARCPs. Each trainee was assessed on three procedures by two consultants.