Features of the MUSE Energy Systems Model

 Global Energy Systems Model Logo Micro-motivations lead to macro whole system outcomes. The complex behaviour and interactions of individual investors leads to the emergence of novel insights system wide.
 High Spatial Resolution Logo Flexible temporal and spatial resolution. Complementary research enables detailed characterisation of energy resources, infrastructure, and the distribution of demand.
Economic equilibrium An economic equilibrium. MUSE finds a price-quantity based tension between supply and demand to achieve an equilibrium in every sector and every region modelled.
 Open Access Logo The MUSE code is open–source. Anyone can use it for their own work.
 Simulates Investor Behaviour Logo An agent-based approach. MUSE models real investors. The behaviour of businesses and consumers can be tailored to be appropriate for each investor type in each sector.  
 Technology Rich Logo A technology rich approach. Each technology is individually characterised regarding costs and engineering performance. MUSE can model thousands of technologies simultaneously.