A list of news of the latest high impact research publications and prizes from the group. A full publication list can be found on the Publications Page.

Department of Materials Postgraduate Research Day 2024 - A full house of awards!

Another brilliant day of research communication for the NanoHAC team! Congratulations to Monaly, Hassan, and Ploy, all of whom recieved awards at this years Materials Department Researcfh Day. Well done to Monaly and Hassan for the excellent oral presentations, and to Ploy for her equally excellent poster! A second congratulations to Hassan, who also took home first place for the departmental photography competition - stay tuned to see his winning image.



Carbon and Cricket: NanoteC23 - University of Sussex

Several group members were fortunate enough to attend this years NanoteC23 conference on carbon nanomaterials and nanotechnology, in the University of Sussex. It was an interesting few days, with research updates and discussions from many people across the carbon (and other) nanomaterial research field. Congratulations to Gabriel Coulter, who was awarded first place for his poster presentation.

Department of Materials Postgraduate Research Day 2023

Another great year at the Department of Materials Postgraduate Research Day - congratulations to Hassan who took home first prize for his poster presentation! Well done to all who presented.


New Inside Front Cover in Advanced Functional Materials

Congratulations to Yuhan Li, whose new paper, 'Confocal Microscopy for In Situ Multi-Modal Characterization and Patterning of Laser-Reduced Graphene Oxide,' was selected for the issue's inside front cover.


Pintxos and Prize-Winners: ChemOnTubes 2022 - Donostia-San Sebastian

The more 'chemistry-inclined' of us were lucky enough to spend several days in late-April in the beautiful San Sebastian, for the long awaited ChemOnTubes 2022 Conference. Having been COVID-postponed since April 2020, this regularly biannual conference was a long time coming for the many nanocarbon chemists in this relatively niche area.  

Well done to the many group members who presented their work. In particular, congratulations to Alex Ford who took home a Poster Prize, and a huge congratulations to Tommaso Costantini, who was awarded first prize for Best Oral Communication - thoroughly deserved recognition for excellent presentations. A huge thank you to the organising commitee and presenters for what was such a scientifically stimulating event; we are all looking forward to the next installment in Bordeaux/Arcachon, 2024.


Department of Materials Postgraduate Research Day 2022 - Prize Winners!

Congratulations to Yuhan Li and Charlie Shaw, who took home prizes for their oral and poster presentations respectively, at this years Materials Department Posgraduate Research Day. Well done to all who presented their research, a great day out for the NanoHAC team!



Department of Chemistry Best Overall MRes Performance in Nanomaterials awarded to Yunfei!

Congratulations to Yunfei Dang!


Department of Chemistry Evans Medal for the Best Inorganic Research Project awarded to Benedatta!

Congratulations to Benedetta Gaggio for her MSci project on "SWCNT-buckypaper film/redox-active polymer composite with enhanced capacity for application as anode in an all-organic proton aqueous battery", 2021.


New Frontispiece cover in Advanced Functional Materials

"Layered Zinc Hydroxides: Direct Organometallic Synthesis of Carboxylate Intercalated Layered Zinc Hydroxides for Fully Exfoliated Functional Nanosheets", by Said Said, Christopher Roberts, Ja Kyung Lee, Milo Shaffer, and Charlotte Williams. Congratulations!


Milo takes on Imperial students on Radio 4 quiz show

20/07/2020 - Imperial recently hosted BBC Radio 4's "The 3rd Degree" quiz show, which saw Milo and two fellow professors go head to head against a trio of Imperial undergraduates. A highly entertaining half hour, featuring topics from carbon nanotubes to cocktails - Listen to it here for the next three weeks!

New paper on the cover of Chemistry - A European Journal

"Thermal Decomposition of Ternary Sodium Graphite Intercalation Compounds", by Heather Au, Noelia Rubio, David Buckley, Cecilia Mattevi, and Milo Shaffer. Find the full article here.

Chemistry a european journal cover

Peach wins the Anglo-Thai Society Education Award for Engineering & Technology

Pichamon has just been awarded the Anglo-Thai Society Education Award for Engineering & Technology, which seeks to recognize the achievements and excellence of Thai PhD students in British universities. Congratulations Peach!



NT19: International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials 

Professor Milo Shaffer was invited to the city of Würzburg, Germany,  to give a talk at the 20th NT conference. His lecture showcased the group's recent work on "Versatile and scalable approaches to chemical processing of nanocarbons".

Invited speakers relax at the Bürgerspital Winery. From left to right: Philip Wong, Sumio Iijima, Milo Shaffer, Shigeo Maruyama, YuHuang Wang, Ming Zheng. 

Invited Speakers



New review on the cover of Chemical Reviews

"Charged Carbon Nanomaterials: Redox Chemistries of Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes, and Graphenes" by Adam Clancy, Mustafa Bayazit, Stephen Hodge, Neal Skipper, Christopher Howard and Milo Shaffer, click here to read the full review.

chem reviews


Rapid Mapping of MWCNT Concentration

Congratulations to Sandy on the publication of her article "Rapid quantitative mapping of multi-walled carbon nanotube concentration in nanocomposites".

graphical abstract

New article on the cover of Material Horizons

"Increasing carbon fiber composite strength with a nanostructured 'brick-and-mortar' interphase" by Francois De Luca, Adam Clancy, Noelia Rubio Carrero, David Anthony, Hugo De Luca, Milo Shaffer and Alexander Bismarck, click here to read the full article.

Material Horizons cover image


Nanotechnology - Highlights of 2017 

Congratulations to Dave Anthony whose article Applying a potential difference to minimise damage to carbon fibres during carbon nanotube grafting by chemical vapour deposition is featured in Nanotechnology's Highlights of 2017, available here. The collection showcases some of the best publications from 2017 across all sections of the journal.

hairy fibre

First sighting of ‘pink phosphorus’ caged in carbon nanotubes

Congratulations to Martin Hart whose paper 'Encapsulation and Polymerization of White Phosphorus Inside Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes' is featured in RSC Chemistry World magazine. Image source Wiley-VCH.

White Phosphorus






New article in Nature Comm.

Congrats to Seb Pike and Ed White for their recent publication in Nature Communications entitled, "Simple Phosphinate Ligands Access New Zinc Clusters Identified in the Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles"!

Good News Digest

  • Hin Chun's article in polymer chemistry is one of the most accessed of 2015!

  • Aaron wins 2nd best speaker at the Materials Postgraduate Research day!

Congrats to all!

Jake Greenfield wins best UG prize at Imperial College

Jake Greenfield, an MSc student in the Shaffer group, has won best UG research project prize in the department. Congrats to Jake!

Milo out and about

Prof. Milo Shaffer presented to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee in Westminster on the topic of "NANOTECHNOLOGY – Is It Safe and Useful?"

He has also recently led a "Specialist Study day" in the London International Youth Science Forum.

Thermally conductive fibres for wearable technology

Some of the nanocomposite fibres developed in our lab by Lee Wonjun has been applied for use in clothes, designed in collaboration with Iddo Wald of the RCA. More info

Milo receives a prize at the 115th KCS meeting

Milo receives an award from Professor Hong Seok Kim, President of the Korean Chemical Society, following his invited lecture at the 115th KCS Meeting. Congratulations to Milo!

KCS Meeting

New article on the cover of Polymer Chemistry

"Synthesis and characterization of branched fullerene-terminated poly(ethylene glycol)s" by Hin Chun Yau, Mustafa Bayazit and Milo Shaffer, click here to read the full article

Polymer Chemistry cover

 New article on the cover of Advanced Functional Materials

"Graphene Aerogels: Joule Heating Characteristics of Emulsion-Templated Graphene Aerogels",  by Robert Menzel, David B. Anthony, and Milo Shaffer, click here to read the full article.

AFM Cover




Gold nanoparticle jewellery anyone?

Our own Jodie Melbourne teamed up with Sofie Boons of Royal College of Art to create jewellery using gold nanoparticles. These Gold nanoparticle jewellery displays a myriad of colours depending on the size of the nanoparticles used. Read more about this exciting partnership in this New York Times article. Photograph from sofieboons.com

gold jewellery






Chemistry World article - structural supercapacitors

Collaborations between The Composites Centre in Imperial College and NANOSYL in Belgium has yielded a new carbon composite which combines both the strength of carbon fibres with the ionic conductivity of activated carbon. Prof. Milo Shaffer, who was recently admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, explains the concept and challenges faced in the report. Read more here.