As long as government COVID-related guidance allows, the top teams selected in Stage 2 will have access to labs or other appropriate spaces and a budget (up to £1,500) to develop their project to a proof-of-concept stage over 8 weeks. There will also be bursaries available for each student team member to cover living costs over the summer.

On completion of their research, teams will submit a detailed summary of their findings and give a presentation of their project to our panel of VIP Judges at an event open to the public.

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Key dates for 2024

Date Activity
15 May 2024 'Team Building' workshop offered to all team members
July- August 2024 Teams are allocated appropriate space and budget and start their 8 week research placement
20 September 2024 Teams submit their final report
30 October 2024 Teams present their project to the VIP Judges at the Final Judging Event which will be open to an invited audience