What is IP?

Intellectual Property (IP) is a term used to describe an individual’s creative output such as an invention.  Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) such as trademarks, patents, copyright and design rights are the legal means that can be used to prevent others from using your creative output without your consent.

Information on the College's IP Policy can be found on the Research Office's webpages. We would encourage all FoNS-MAD teams, be they registered for the competition, or at the application stage,  to read the policy carefully. The section of the policy that applies to Imperial College students is as follows:

'Where students generate IP in the course of their study or research they will own that IP in their own right unless one of the following applies:

(i) they generate IP which is subject to governing terms or an agreement with an external organisation whereby the IP vests with College or a third party; or

(ii) they generate IP which builds upon existing IP generated by College Employees or Associates; or

(iii) they generate IP jointly with College Employees or Associates; or

(iv) they are, or have the status of, College Employee (in which case they are treated by College and the law as employees).

In the above listed circumstances, students will be required to assign IP to College and, in respect of revenue generated by that IP, the student will be treated on the same basis as College Employees under the Reward to Inventors Scheme.'

The UK Government's Intellectual Property Office has created a short online course on IP & IPR for students who want to learn more.

More information can also be found via the Enterprising Students webpages.

Support and Resources for FoNS-MAD Teams

We aim to support students who progress through the FoNS-MAD programme to register and therefore protect their intellectual property and are able to provide teams with some funding for this.

With funding from the Intellectual Property Office, via the IP Wise Up programme, the College has produced three signposting videos for Imperial College London students looking for advice and information on IP, in collaboration with the Research Office & Innovations: