Scientists crowdsourcing for solutions to plastic pollution in the ocean


Pupils visit the 'plastic not fantastic' stand

Imperial researchers have been picking Royal Society visitors' brains to find new solutions to reduce the amount of plastic litter in the ocean.

Visitors to the stand have already come up with hundreds of potential approaches to solving plastic pollution.

Better materials, whether alternatives to plastic or better biodegradable plastics, have been a popular choice. Many suggestions emphasise the role of individuals in reducing plastic use, recycling or making the right choices as consumers.

From plastic taxes to a ban on the microbeads found in face scrubs, visitors see a key role for the government in legislating the use of plastic. Many also felt that increasing awareness of plastic pollution was a vital step towards mobilising action.

To get rid the litter found on beaches, coastlines and the open ocean, visitors focused on clean up operations, many involving new technologies.

Plastic-hungry creatures are popular option for removing litter from the water.

For some, the extreme situation calls for extreme measures:

You can find out more about plastic pollution in the ocean in our latest briefing paper:


Ms Alexandra Franklin-Cheung

Ms Alexandra Franklin-Cheung
Centre for Environmental Policy

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