STUOD Sandbox Workshops


4th  Sandbox Workshop Friday, 30th October On examining TGQ  
3rd  Sandbox Workshop Friday, 4th September On examining Exemplar 2  
2nd  Sandbox Workshop Friday, 3rd July On examining Exemplar 1  
1st  Sandbox Workshop Friday, 29th May    


12th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 3 December On the observation errors
11th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 5 November On practical parameterisation of the subscale 
10th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 5 November  
9th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 9 July On data coming from model experimental and numerical data
8th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 7 May On examining stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs)
7th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 12 March On data coming from model experimental and numerical data
6th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 12 February On LU Models
5th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 15 January On Wave Current Interactions


18th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 25 November  On High Resolution Numerical Simulation Data
17th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 24 June  On Machine Learning 
16th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 20 May  16th STUOD Sandbox Workshop | Events | Imperial College London On Numerics 
15th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 25 April  15th STUOD Sandbox Workshop | Events | Imperial College London On the Analysis of SPDE 
14th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 25 February On the collaborative research with the University of Twente
13th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 28 January On Data Assimilation 


25th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 27th October On Stochastic slice model
24th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 30th June  On Data Assimilation theory and application
23rd Sandbox Workshop Friday, 26th May  On Numerics
22nd Sandbox Workshop Friday, 28th April  On Thermal QG/Rotating Shallow Water
21st Sandbox Workshop Friday, 31st March On Wave Current Interactions
20th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 24th February

On Machine Learning

19th Sandbox Workshop Friday, 27th January On Data Analysis/Assimilation aligned with SWOT