Watch highlights from the Patient Safety Summit Global Action Summit 2016.
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Part of the Patient Safety Global Action Summit 2016, the Expert Summit held on 9th March 2016 gathered the world’s most respected thought leaders to discuss the future of patient safety. Mirroring the contents of the Patient Safety 2030 report, produced by the NIHR Imperial PSTRC, the Expert Summit was structured around panels on the following themes:

  • Panel 1 - Taking a holistic, system-based approach to patient safety
  • Panel 2 - The emerging threats shaping the future context of care and our need
  • Panel 3 - The novel and innovative tools at our disposal to safeguard care, including behavioural insights, digital health, and design
  • Panel 4 - The importance and potential of learning from other industries and health systems

The Summit aimed to inform the future of patient safety, following the informal fifteenth anniversary of the patient safety movement and publication of To Err is Human. It serves as the springboard to inspire international policy and governmental commitment to improving patient safety.