All students are encouraged to register with a local NHS doctor (GP) as soon as possible. Information on finding a doctor can be found on the Student Support Zone website.

If you notice a change in a tutee’s physical appearance that might suggest that they are unwell, you are encouraged to have a confidential conversation with them based on your observations.  For example, you could say, “I notice that you look unusually tired. Are you feeling OK?”

If a student is absent and does not respond to an email enquiring as to their wellbeing and whereabouts, advise your Senior Tutor or Postgraduate Tutor.  If they live in Halls you could follow this up with a Hall Warden

Health advice for students such as accessing a doctor and/or dentist can be found at Imperial's Student Support Zone pages about health. The College's Meningitis Protocol can be found on Occupational Health's Emergency webpage.