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October 2020 - Welcome to new Research Students who join our team this month!

We are delighted to welcome six new research students to the project this month.

Maxim Bird and Oscar Mercado Valenzo  will be joining Daryl William's team to explore the interactions between design, manufacturing and the physical stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and their formulations. 

Hamish Mitchell will be working with Jerry Heng to further develop understanding and predicting the solubility of drug compounds and their crystallisation behaviour including structure prediction and physical stability.

Damien Van de Berg will work with Nilay Shah on the optimisation of process technologies.

James Odgers will be working with Ruth Misener in the Department of Computing on Smart Chemometrics.

Leticia Sanders de Almada will be working with Claire Adjiman and Costas Pantelides on enhancing the relevance of Crystal Structure Prediction methodologies to pharamceutical molecule and process development.


George Jackson

Congratulations to Professor George Jackson on his Fellowship to the Royal Society in recognition of "contributions to science, both in fundamental research resulting in greater understanding, and also in leading and directing scientific and technological progress in industry and research establishments." 

Professor Jackson is at the forefront of the discipline of molecular systems engineering, combining fundamental physical understanding with engineering knowhow in the intelligent molecular design and optimisation of processes and products. 

Prof Amparo Galindo holds Imperial's Lilly/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Pharmaceutical Molecular Systems. The post was established to enable exceptional researchers to adress some of the biggest challenges faced by the engineering industry. Read the news item on the Royal Academy of Engineering's website

When launched the PharmaSEL research programme was featured in Imperial College News, PharmaTimes, The Chemical Engineer and in the Life Sciences Sector Deal 2 2018 outlining the UK government's industrial strategy.    

Conferences and events

PharmaSEL-Prosperity researchers presentations and posters at conferences.

Forthcoming Conferences

Molecular Systems Design and Engineering Symposium 2021: Frontiers in Molecular Engineering, 17 June 2021 09:00 - 18 June 2021 UK

L Gui, A Armstrong, A Galindo, CS Adjiman, F. Bhasha Sayyed, S Kolis, Suppressing hydrogen cyanide formation in amino acid activiation via solvent design: a mechanistic study

Past Conferences

Methods and applications of crystal structure prediction Faraday Discussion, 11-13 July 2018, Cambridge, UK. 
S.E. Konstantinopoulos, I.J. Sugden, C.S. Adjiman, C.C. Pantelides, Free Energy Calculations for Crystal Structure Prediction, poster presentation 
I.J Sugden, C.S. Adjiman, C.C Pantelides, Improved efficiency in the Ab initio generation of crystal structures, poster presentation

AIChE Annual Meeting, 29 October 2018, Pittsburgh PA
I.J. Sugden, C.C Pantelides, C.S. Adjiman, Improved efficiency in the ab initio generation of crystal structures, oral presentation 

European Crystallographic Meeting, 24 August 2018, Oviedo, Spain. 
I.J. Sugden, D. Bowskill, C.C. Pantelides, C.S. Adjiman, Accurate  and efficient  representation of intramolecular energy  in ab initio generation  of crystal structures. Part II: Smoothed Intramolecular potentials, oral presentation

Ninth International Conference on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output, 28 October 2019, Barcelona, Spain.
Sergei Kucherenko 

AIChE Annual Meeting, 15-20 November 2020, San Francisco, USA