Registering as a casual worker

Before you are able to claim for any work done, our Payroll Department will need to have your correct details in order to register you as a casual worker. You are therefore ask to complete a PAY 8A form electronically two weeks prior to the start of your demonstrating work and email it as an Excel document to Undergraduate Office (no paper forms accepted). You will then need to bring the original of your passport to Room 317, Blackett Laboratory. If you are an Overseas student, you also need to complete a Tier-4 Student Declaration. Any student on a Tier 4 is only allowed to work upto 20 hours per week for any work in the UK.

We will not be able to arrange payment for your work unless you do this procedure. You will be issued with a letter confirming the details of the work you will be undertaking during the year. This form only needs to be completed once during your time registered as a student.

Recording your work hours

You will need to complete the hours that you work on a monthly basis through the Physics Student Demonstrators SharePoint site whenever you undertake any demonstrating work. To access the site you must self-enrol first. Please readGuidance on accessing the Student Demonstrators site. The hours that you work will then need to be confirmed by the Head of the activity and I will then be able to approve it for payment. If the hours and the confirmation from the approver are received before the 8th of the month at midday, you may be able to get the money into your account by the 24th of the following month. The hours mustn't be claimed for more than one month from the day that you did the work, otherwise you will not be able to be paid.

Please note that you must claim for the work done on a regular basis - within a month of completing the work. You will not be paid unless you do so. Do not stockpile the hours, as Finance refuses to pay them. Therefore make sure that you have submitted the hours at the time the work takes place.

Please submit your hours in SharePoint.

Rate of pay

  • £15.45 - demonstrating work
  • £26.62 - Demonstrating requiring more preparation, i.e. tutorrials or seminars. The head of the activity will confirm.
  • £15.45 - Student support done through the disabilities office

All the above will then have a 12.07% as part of the holiday pay that you get when you become a demonstrator.

Lab Demonstrating

Lab Demonstrators - Claim on Student Demonstrators site

Claim forms for demonstrating must be approved on the Student Demonstrators SharePoint site by the heads of the relevant activity, which are listed below. Claim forms for student support must be approved on SharePoint by the Senior Undergraduate Administrator (308, Blackett Laboratory):

  • First Year Labs – Stuart Mangles
  • First Year Computing - Stuart Mangles
  • First Year Tutorial Casses - Simon Bland
  • First Year Electronics - Chris Carr
  • Second Year Labs - Julia Sedgbeer
  • Second Year Computing – Robert Kingham
  • Second Year Tutorial Classes - Yvonne Unruh
  • Third Year Labs – Roland Smith
  • Third Year Computational Physics - Yoshi Uchida
  • Third Year Professional Skills - Mark Richards
  • Third Year Microprocessors - Mark Neil
  • Rapid Feedback - Arkady Tseytlin
  • Complexity & Networks - Kim Christensen and Tim Evans
  • Summer Projects - Yoshi Uchida
  • Student Support / Notetaking - Kayleigh Murphy
  • Audio Visual (AV) - Derryck Stewart
  • Physics Help Desk - Yasmin Andrew

Rate of pay

  • £15.45 - demonstrating work

All the above will then have a 12.07% as part of the holiday pay that you get when you become a demonstrator.  You would be liable to pay N.I. contributions when your pay was above £719.00 p.m.

National insurance number

To enable you to receive your payments you should have a National Insurance (N.I.) number. You can claim the work even before the NI number is allocated to you. If you do not have this, you must follow the procedures listed below:-

You have to apply for a National Insurance number through your local Department of Work & Pensions office: this can be done by calling 0845 600 0643 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. They shall be able to give you an appointment and arrange for further requirements to be sent to you. For further information on N.I. numbers please visit the Department of Work & Pensions site.