Senior tutor faqs

I'm currently on an Interruption of Studies, what do I need to do to return to my studies?

While you are on an interruption of studies, you are required to be proactive for your wellbeing (if relevant) as well as remain engaged academically. If you have requested the IoS on medical ground, then you must have a fitness assessment at Imperial College Health Centre before your return. Two months before you are due to return to the College, you should make a long appointment (20min) at the Imperial College Health Centre for the required fitness assessment. You should inform the senior tutor about the appointment (when, and which doctor) once the appointment is made. If you have been treated by a medical professional while you are away from the College, it may be beneficial to have a report from them on your state of health. Take this with you when you have your assessment at ICHC. Upon receipt of note from ICHC doctor certifying fitness, the senior tutor will notify the Registry. Only then your record at the Registry can be updated, and you can then register online.

Where can I find information on student welfare?

There is a welfare section on the Physics website. You can also visit Imperial College's welfare and advice pages. You can also approach your personal tutor, student liaison officer, disability officer, and/or the senior tutor.

What do I do if I want to change degree programmes?

First talk to your personal tutor and explain your reasons for wanting to change degree programme. If your personal tutor agrees that your plans are sensible please ask him/her to email the Examination and Information Officer with their approval, then the Examination and Information Officer can ask for the change to be made at the Registry with the following exception -if you hold a Tier 4 Visa, international student support will then offer immigration advice. Changes can only be made once the immigration rules are satisfied.

What events and workshops do the Counselling Service provide?

The Imperial College Counselling Service provide many different types of workshops. These include mindfulness, stress management and building self-esteem.

You can find those currently available on their events and workshops page of their website.

You should also receive email notification of such events from the student liaison officer.

How do I report an absence?

For absences of less than a week you can record your absence on the Absence Reporting Form