Over the past few years we have welcomed a number of wonderful speakers to the Department to discuss various issues relating to Physics Education Research - see below for a list of previous speakers. We also have hosted an international workshop on Physics Teaching Labs and organise an internal Teaching Labs special interest group.

We also host a monthly internal journal club which meets online to informally discuss the months' paper of choice.

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DateSeminar titleSpeaker and affiliation
26th October 2021 Lab instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic: Effects on student views about experimental physics in comparison with previous years Michael Fox, Imperial College London
23rd November 2021 The Blackett Lab Family Mark Richards, Imperial College London
16th March 2022 A systems analysis approach to the cognitive and perception processes involved in learning physics Gareth Jones, Imperial College London
10th May 2022 Discovering demographic gaps in physics degree outcomes: an intersectional and causal approach Astra Sword, Open University
7th June 2022 The role of, identity, self-efficacy, and imposter phenomenon in women’s experience of physics: A proposed intervention Ewan Bottomley, University of St Andrews
21st June 2022 Barriers and biases in physics education: Three examples Matt Mears, University of Sheffield
29th September 2022 Practical work in physics and physics in geosciences Kirsty Dunnett, University of Oslo
27th October 2022 Panic spirals and deposits in the Bank of Previously Seen Problems: Epistemology, metacognition, emotion and community in first-year Imperial Physics students’ approaches to problem-solving Jon Fenton, Imperial College London
8th December 2022 Creativity, agency, and cognitive expertise: A holistic approach to theoretical physics education Ben Zwickl, Rochester Institute of Technology
23rd March 2023 Reflections from Stockholm Amy Smith, Imperial College London