The Physics Department is committed to providing timely and effective feedback to students on their progress and achievement over the year, thereby enabling students to reflect on their learning and inform their academic progress.  Feedback is an essential element of the active learning process and allows students to reflect on their learning, clarifies areas they can improve and provides them with an opportunity to self-assess their skills and capabilities.  How students analyse, discuss and act on feedback is as important as the quality of the feedback itself. Through the interaction students have with feedback, they come to understand how to develop their learning.

We also welcome feedback on teaching from students. We want to improve and make your learning experiences in the department as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.  Students have academic tutors and personal tutors who can help resolve problems and pass on suggestions for improvement in teaching.  All students are encouraged to bring problems and to make suggestions to the department.  

Feedback for students - a very wide range of assessment methods.

Feedback by students - help the department improve.

Annual Monitoring Reports

We are required to produce these documents for the College. From 2017-18, we will be publishing them for students to gain additional feedback on their degree programmes.

Annual Monitoring Report 2017-18

Annual Monitoring Report 2018-19

Annual Monitoring Report 2019-20