Companies have increasing pressures to stay ahead of their competitors. They need to be innovative and continuously launch new products and improve existing products and processes. Science plays a vital role in their success and the Sargent Centre Industrial Consortium is “a one-stop-shop” for companies seeking solutions to stay ahead of their competitors. The consortium provides many benefits including individual assistance and solutions to specific company goals and challenges. Member companies gain early competitive advantage and are provided with preview of cutting-edge research and developments. Industrial members include multinational companies from various industrial sectors including, gas, oil, pharmaceutical and chemical. Some of the companies have been members since the Centre was inaugurated in 1989.


Why Companies Join the Sargent Centre Industrial Consortium

  • Privileged Access to World-Class Academics from two top Universities. Sargent Centre academics between them have over 500 years of research experience. They come from many disciplinary areas including: chemical engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry and are leaders in their fields. Company members get privileged access to expertise on process systems from two top universities.
  • Access to a dedicated point of contact, referred to as a “Friend” who will be familiar with your company and help with any enquiries regarding the Sargent Centre and can also help to direct any other enquiries regarding Imperial College or University College London.
  • Access to Well-Trained PhD Students and Post Doctoral Researchers. The Consortium provides opportunities for members to interact with the Centre at many levels. Members are able to evaluate and recruit high calibre PhD students and Researchers from around the world. 
  • Opportunity to Exploit and Develop Research and Resources. Members have opportunity to guide research development and resources towards their own business needs and have access to all the non-confidential reports of work carried out by the Centre.
  • Partnerships - Membership opens the opportunity for partnerships. Some consortium members have recognised the need to develop in depth and long term research relationships with the Sargent Centre have opted to establish Partnerships. 
  • Links to Other Imperial College and UCL Departments. Imperial College and UCL have many other world class departments which can be accessed through consortium membership. Members will be directed to key academics in both universities.
  • World-wide Networking With Major Companies. The consortium provides a neutral platform for intercompany networking and benchmarking with some of the largest multinational companies.
  • Staff training. Opportunity for company employees to attend courses on optimisation.


  • ABB Corporate Research
  • BP
  • ExxonMobil
  • Petronas
  • Siemens PSE
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Shell Research & Technology
  • Syngenta



We have 8 multinational companies. Some of the companies have been members since the Centre opened in 1989. Companies and organisations wishing to learn more about the Sargent Centre Consortium membership should contact the Sargent Centre Director, Professor Claire S. Adjiman at