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FRECOL Professor Nina Thornhill Educational Toolbox for Power System Frequency Control
CSTH Benchmark Simulation Professor Nina Thornhill Continuous stirred tank heater simulation  
Strawberry for MATLAB Professor Eric Fraga Stochastic multi objective global optimisation 
Fresa for Julia Professor Eric Fraga Stochastic multi objective global optimisation 
SobolOpt Professor Nilay Shah General purpose global optimisation (multilinkage) algorithm 
SobolGSA Professor Nilay Shah Global sensitivity analysis and metamodelling
GPdoemd Dr Ruth Misener Open-source python package
mcpp Prof Benoît Chachuat Contains the C++ implementation of the library MC++ for manipulation and bounding of factorable functions
CRONOS Prof Benoît Chachuat Provides a collection of C++ classes for global optimization and constraint propagation of nonlinear and dynamic systems using complete search
DEUS   DEUS (DEsign under Uncertainty using Sampling techniques) implements nested sampling methods to tackle problems in Bayesian parameter estimation, set-membership estimation, and design space/feasibility analysis 

Prof Cleo Kontoravdi

Dr Maria Papathanasiou

Open-source Python package for design space identification and visualisation
Sargent Centre Software
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