PhD and MSc opportunities in Process Systems Engineering

Why Study Process Systems Engineering?

As a post graduate student, you will be embarking on one of the most intensive study experiences of your academic career so far. By undertaking an MSc or PhD from the Sargent Centre for Process Systems Engineering, you will be trained to be a systems thinker. Systems engineering is important for tackling the grand challenges that face society that can be solved by engineering.

Your post graduate studies with us will prepare you for a leading role in the complex world of modern engineering. You will learn the methods and approaches to develop a detailed understanding of complex systems as diverse as biological cells, industrial chemical plant, refineries, supply chains, energy systems and urban infrastructure. In addition to the academic skills, we will teach you to develop strategies and behaviours which will enable you to think independently and become active learners.

The Sargent Centre is a joint research centre with UCL and other Departments at Imperial College and our students benefit from being part of this vast community. You will interact closely with your main supervisor and others officially associated with your study, as well as, many more informal working interactions. In addition, the Sargent Centre has an Industrial Consortium of multinational companies and through this has a unique relationship with industry. As a student of the Sargent Centre, you will have the opportunity to network annually with the Centre's Company Members. This privileged interaction in the past has led to our students doing secondments and gaining employment with our company members.


Emplyment after postgraduate studies

On completion of their studies, our students quickly find employment in many sectors including: industry, academia, consulting, finance and software.



Application forms and instructions for their completion, are available on the College's admissions pages. You can find out more information on the opportunities available: 


Financial Support & Scholarships

EPSRC studentships are available to eligible students. Other sources of financial support for PhD students include bursaries and research assistantships funded by industry or the European Union. Since such support is usually linked to specific research areas, details are best obtained by contacting individual members of staff directly or by consulting the where details of available scholarships can also be found.


The Industrial Internships Scheme is a successful means of giving students work experience and also of providing useful input from both students and Departmental staff into industrial problems. You can find out more about this scheme by following the link above.