Calls for Proposals

Further information on access arrangements for Imperial College researchers here.

Access to ROAR is open to researchers from Imperial College and other UK institutions.  All external applications to access ROAR under subsidised routes are subjected to scientific review by our internationally leading Scientific Advisory Group

Under the auspices of a £4.7 M investment from EPSRC, Imperial College London, and our industrial partners, the ROAR facility is fully-funded until the end of 2020, allowing us to reduce the access charges during this period. Going forwards into 2021 and beyond, academic users can still expect access at academic rates but the level of subsidy will be reduced as ROAR transitions to our long term funding model. User charges are agreed as part of the project planning and agreements prior to the commencement of any experimental work, and any inquiries about charges should be directed to

It is highly recommended that applicants discuss their project requirements with ROAR staff prior to submitting an application.  This will help to ensure that the project is technically feasible, and within the limitations of our equipment.

We had a webinar on Monday the 18th of February 2019 where potential applicants asked us questions about the ROAR Access Application processYou may download a copy of the webinar presentation as a pdf here.‌  If you have further questions please contact us by email to

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for subsidised access to ROAR a project must meet the following criteria:

  • The project must fall under the remit of the Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Network
  • The project must be able to comply with all research data collected in ROAR being automatically deposited in an open access repository following an agreed embargo period (typically 12 months)

How to Apply

ROAR Access Application Guidance Notes (v3.3, pdf)

Access route map

The research proposal is expected to be 2 sides of A4, but can be up to 3 sides if necessary. To ensure legibility, please do not use font size smaller than 11 (minimum). It should include the following:

  1. Sufficient background to set the research in context, and any preliminary results or method development.
  2. A description of the experiments which are proposed, including the techniques required, proposed measurement strategy, and any particular requirements of the experiments (e.g. temperature, pressure, moisture/air sensitivity).
  3. Expected results and their significance in the respective field of research
  4. References

Submit your online application to access ROAR here!

Batching Dates for ROAR Access Proposals
Batching DateCapability Areas Open for Proposals
 Friday 8th March 2019  Reaction Kinetics Platforms and Advanced Analytical Suite
 Friday 31st May 2019  Continuous Flow Reaction Platforms and Advanced Analytical Suite
 Friday 2nd August 2019  All capabilities
 Friday 29th November 2019  All capabilities
 Friday 27th March 2020  All capabilities
 Friday 15th May 2020  All capabilities
 Friday 31st July 2020  All capabilities
 Friday 30th October 2020 (for access in 2021)  All capabilities - proposals submitted to this batch will have their access to ROAR in 2021
Friday 29th January 2021  All capabilities
 The deadline for submission is 23:59 (GMT/BST) on the dates listed above.
Batching Dates for ROAR Access Proposals

Priority Access

A limited portion of facility time is available for commercially-sensitive projects with tight project timelines.  There are additional charges for priority access to the facility.  Please look for us on Clustermarket or email for further information.