What we offer

Two EasyMax 102 reactors, two EasySampler probes, one OptiMax reactor and three ReactIR 15 systems (Mettler Toledo) for scale-up and kinetics studies through:

  • In situ analysis of chemical processes accross scales (2 mL ro 1 L)
  • Advanced temperature control (-40 to 180 °C)
  • Automated dosing pump
  • Choice between magnetic or mechanical stirring
  • Automated sampling, quench and dilution with EasySampler
  • In situ IR spectroscopy with ReactIR 15 probes
  • Heat flow calorimetry with EasyMax 102 and OptiMax reactors
  • Possibility of data recording from pH and other electrochemistry probes

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What you get

  • Optimization and scale-up, with full record of procedure and data
  • Study of rection progress and measurement of kinetic parameters
  • Investigation of reaction intemediate and reaction impurities
  • Monitoring of hazardous reaction species and exothermic processes
  • Operando studies of homogeneous and hetergeneous catalytic systems
  • Collection of high quality, synchronized data from a range of probes

To find out more about our reaction kinetics platforms, contact us at ROAR@imperial.ac.uk