What we offer

Three Freeslate Junior platforms (UnChained Labs) for a wide range of automated laboratory operations:

Dispensing RobotOptimizing Sampling Reactor RobotScreening Reactor Robot
  • Automated dispensing and weighing of solids and liquids
  • Up to 12 solid dispensing source vials for screening multiple solids            
  • Positive displacement liquid dispensing
  • Analytical balance (0.1 mg resolution)
  • Integrated camera for inspection of dispensed materials
  • Static minimised by an ioniser
  • In a purge box for inert atmosphere
  • 8 parallel reactors (5-25 mL working volume) with overhead stirring
  • Reaction sampling under pressurised conditions
  • Independent temperature control from –20 to 200 °C
  • Independent gas pressure control from 30 to 400 psi
  • Gas selection manifold
  • In a purge box for inert atmosphere
  • Six independent temperature zones capable of –20 to 180 °C
  • Magnetic tumble stirring in 96 well or vial format
  • Automated liquid dispensing/aspiration
  • Automated preparation of samples for analysis
  • Reactions in vials (96 x 1 mL), jars (<125 mL) and plate formats
  • Pressurised reactor format for screening 48 vial reactions at up to 300 psi
Dispensing robot, optimising sampling reactor robot





Junior Freeslate robotic reaction platforms

What you get
Optimization of  Continuous VariablesCategorical Variable ScreeningHigh-Thoughput SynthesisSmall Scale Kinetics Investigation
  • Solubility and crystallisation studies
  • Multivariate optimization using Design of
    Experiments (DoE)
  • Ligand, solvent and additive screening
  • Full factorial screening
  • 9 heated and stirred plate positions allowing up to 3,000 conditions to be screen in 384 well plates.
  • Sparse arrays for larger experimental space
  • Single or multiple substrate screening
  • Diverse product sets preparation
  • Automation of individual operations (e.g. dispensing solids) to accelerate your research
  • Testing of multiple reaction conditions in substrate scope
  • Reaction robustness screening
  • Large substrate scope studies
  • Automated sampling under pressur
  • Streamlined initial kinetics in 8 parallel reactors with independent T and p control
  • Possibility of gas uptake measurement
what you get

Low-cost high-throughput capabilities

Next to the Unchained Labs Junior platforms, ROAR offers a range of affordable, low-cost high-throughput equipment:

  • One Opentrons OT-2 platform for automation of liquid dispensing protocols, using air-displacement pipettes. It can be fitted with 2 of the following pipette heads concurrently:
    • Single-channel pipettes (1-20, 20-300 and 100-1000 uL)
    • 8-channel pipettes (1-20 and 20-300 uL)
  • Two HEL PolyBLOCK heated stirrer units for SBS footprint plate-based reactions. They allow to:
    • Magnetically stir up to 4 plates
    • Heat up to 4 plates  independently (max temperature: 190 °C)
    • Automatically control and program multiple steps for heating and stirring profiles
  • Paradox® and Lumidox® high-throughput plates for photochemical reactions.
    • 96-well aluminium block with 1 mL glass inserts for high chemical compatibility
    • SBS Plate footprint compatible with robotic platforms (Unchained Labs Juniors and Opentrons) and PolyBLOCKs.
    • 4 wavelengths available: blue, green, white and 365 nm UV arrays
  • One single channel HandyStep™ BRAND™ positive displacement repeater pipette for handheld dispensing of liquid arrays.
    • Automatically recognizes tips
    • Positive displacement tips for high chemical compatibility
    • Volume dispensing range from 1 uL to 50 mL
    • Dispense multiple aliquats from a single filling
    • Programmable for same volume or varied volume dispense, dispense over time and titration
  • One Integrity 10 platform on loan by Cole-Parmer for medium-throughput parallel reactions (AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!):
    • 10 independently heated and stirred reactors
    • Monitors and logs exportable data (e.g., temperature program)
    • Reaction volume 1-25 mL
    • Refluxing
    • Run 10 reactors under inert atmosphere from one gas line

Low-cost HTE

To find out more about our automation capabilities, contact us at ROAR@imperial.ac.uk