The RAE 1996 results for Imperial College are provided below:

Results of the 1996 RAE (by rating)
Unit of AssessmentRating
Hospital Based Clinical Subjects B (ICSM at NHLI) 5*
Pure Mathematics 5*
Computer Science 5*
Chemical Engineering 5*
Civil Engineering 5*
Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering 5*
Pre-clinical Studies 5
Biochemistry 5
Biological Sciences 5
Chemistry 5
Applied Mathematics 5
Physics 5
Statistics and Operational Research 5
General Engineering 5
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 5
Mineral and Mining Engineering 5
Metallurgy and Materials 5
History 5
Hospital Based Clinical Subjects A (ICSM at St Mary's) 4
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 4
Earth Sciences 4
Environmental Sciences 4
Business and Management Sciences 4
Community Based Clinical Subjects 3a
Results of the 1996 RAE (by rating)
Results for Institutions that merged with Imperial in 1997
Unit of AssessmentRating
Royal Postgraduate Medical School
- Clinical Laboratory Sciences
- Hospital Based Clinical Subjects

Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School
- Community Based Clinical Subjects
- Hospital Based Clinical Subjects
- Pre-clinical Studies

Results for Institutions that merged with Imperial College in 1997

Brief definition of ratings used:

  • 5* = Majority of research rated as being of international standing
  • 5 = International standing in some sub-areas and national standing in virtually all others
  • 4 = National standing in virtually all sub-areas OR international standing in some and national standing in a majority
  • 3a = National standing in a substantial majority of sub-areas
  • 3b = National standing in a simple majority of sub-areas