EPSRC iCASE training grants provide funding for doctoral studentships where businesses and related organisations take the lead in arranging projects with an academic partner of their choice.  The aim of these awards is to provide doctoral students with a research training experience, within the context of a mutually beneficial research collaboration between academic and partner organisations for example industry and policy making bodies.  Funding to support iCASE studentships is allocated via industry partner.


iCASE 2024 industry allocations

EPSRC has released a list of the 2024 iCASE allocations to industry partners, shared here to aid in exploring possible iCASE partnerships

International Doctoral Scholar

EPSRC iCASE 2024 training grant - International Doctoral Scholars

UKRI has limited the proportion of international doctoral scholars (IDS) appointed each year through individual doctoral training programmes to 30 percent of the total.  For studentships supported by the EPSRC iCASE 2024 training grant, the following process has been put in place to manage this IDS allocation:

  • IDS studentships will be issued on first-come-first-served basis
  • Any time spent querying or negotiating the arrangements for an international student with the Research Office, including time taken to provide the necessary information (see next bullet), is not considered to be a formal IDS offer
  • To request an IDS studentship, the following information will be required (sent via email to epsrc.studentships@imperial.ac.uk)
  • From the iCASE academic supervisor, the IDS student’s name (Note that the IDS place will be reserved for this particular student.  If the student declines the studentship offer, the IDS spot must be returned and will be re-allocated to the next requester)
  • From the iCASE academic supervisor, written confirmation that they intend to make an offer (including interview notes, where possible)
  • From the Departmental Director of Postgraduate Studies or equivalent, information on the mechanism for covering the fee difference (e.g. department, student, partner paying the difference, fee waiver etc.)

Once received, the IDS spot will be issued for that particular student. Once all IDS places are allocated, the remaining studentships will need to be taken by Home students. There is no funding associated with an IDS spot; the difference between home and international fee rates will have to be met by institution (i.e. department), co-funding partners or from the students directly (as per the UKRI Implementation Guidance) or waived by the department.  Any queries can be directed to epsrc.studentships@imperial.ac.uk

The 30% IDS cap has now been reached for the EPSRC iCASE 2023 training grant. A waiting list is operating for any IDS places that may be returned for re-allocation (i.e. where a student has declined an IDS studentship offer).  Please contact epsrc.studentships@imperial.ac.uk should you wish to be added to this waiting list or for any further queries.

Studentship Extensions

Studentship extensions for students whose research has been impacted by Covid-19 are no longer available via the UKRI training grant extension scheme.  This is in line with UKRIs expectation of training grant holders and with UKRIs requirement that training grant funding is balanced between supporting extensions for those in greatest need with maintaining the quality of the student experience and support for future students.

The Student Support Fund remains available for students who find themselves in financial hardship.  In addition, departments may have further guidance and sources of support for students to explore.

iCASE tips, consideration and guidance

EPSRC hosted an ICASE workshop (May 2022) and has since provided the following documents relating to recruitment, placements, and the retention of iCASE students: