The College provides guidance and policies on areas of Trusted Research discussed in these webpages. Expand the tabs below to access links to College guidance.

On the left-hand side of this page, you can also find a list of how to contact a particular team, if you have queries regarding a policy or guidance.

TR Accordions

Export Controls

The College's Export Controls pages contain information on when a licence might be required.

National Security and Investment Act 2021

Review the guidance on the NSI Act 2021 to learn more about this legislation and understand whether it may require further attention for your research activities. 

Data Protection

Review the College's Data Protection guidance which includes information on GDPR and processing of research data, including transferring personal data outside of the UK or European Economic Area (EEA). 

Classified Research and Classified Materials

The College's policy statement on Classified Research and Classified Materials.


The College has adopted an overall Ethics Code which sets out conduct expected from the College community to promote and support good ethical behaviour.

Conflict of Interest

Review the College's Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy for guidance on what might constitute a COI and how to manage this.

Research Contracts

Visit the Research Contracts pages to learn more about contracts and the related core considerations from an academic perspective.

Intellectual Property

The College's Intellectual Property (IP) guidance outlines ownership and governance of College IP.

IT Security

Visit the College IT Security guidance to learn more about ways to protect your work from unauthorised access and use. 

Due Diligence

Review the College's Relationship Review Policy to help you consider the risks that might be involved in collaborating with a new or existing research or funding partner.