Project Management

Supporting academic-driven commercial projects

Company overview

Imperial Projects (IPROJ) provide project management support to Imperial's academics working on large-scale commercial projects for industry, government and non-profit organisations - globally.

Projects can range from technical capacity building with commercial partners to membership programmes and long-term testing initiatives - with all employing the breadth of world-leading expertise of Imperial's academics and its cutting edge facilities. 

Focused resources

Whilst the technical aspects of the project are undertaken by a multi-disciplinary academic team, Imperial Projects (IPROJ) employ proven project management processes to ensure the solution delivered meets the technical needs of the client and are responsible for…
  • business planning and proposal development 
  • sourcing  academic teams needed to work on the project
  • liaison between academics, partners and clients
  • contract negotiation
  • financial administration
The team includes staff with many years of experience in developing and managing the delivery of complex projects at Imperial as our Project Successes section testifies.