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E-Beam Deposition System

Location: Clean room

The E-beam evaporation system is an ultra-high vacuum deposition system.

It consists of an MBE-Komponenten Multi Pocket Electron Beam Evaporator with 4 pockets, a hearth capacity 8 cm³ each, and a maximum power of 5kW. It has a 4” in diameter rotating substrate holder with a heating stage of 800°C and QCM to monitor the thin film growth and thickness.

It is used for the precise deposition of metal thin films.

Magnetron Sputtering HEX

Location: Deposition Lab


The Korvus Technology HEX deposition system provides an economical solution for Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), suitable for teaching and research. Its modular construction allows various vital elements to be exposed, discussed and interacted with, enabling student laboratories to fully explore the mechanical, materials and growth elements of thin film research and nano-materials.  Our system benefits from a rotatable 4” sample holder with two 2” DC sputtering sources, allowing bi-layer thin film deposition.

The HEX system is allocated for metal deposition.