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Magnetron Sputtering: HEX - L

Location: Deposition Lab

The Korvus Technology HEX deposition system provides an economical solution for Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), suitable for teaching and research. Its modular construction allows various vital elements to be exposed, discussed and interacted with, enabling student laboratories to fully explore the mechanical, material and growth elements of thin film research and nano-materials.  Our system benefits from a rotatable 4” sample holder with heating capabilities up to 800 oC, and one 2” RF and two 2” DC magnetron, allowing multilayer and/or co-sputtered thin film deposition.

The HEX-L system is allocated for nitride and oxide thin film deposition.

Pulsed Laser Deposition

Pulsed Laser Deposition Chambers 1,2,4.

Location: Laser Lab

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a physical vapour deposition technique used to produce thin films of complex materials over various background gas compositions or pressures.  Our PLD system consists of four fully-automated deposition chambers, each equipped with a six-position target carrousel that allows the deposition of multilayer structures of up to six different materials.

There are two deposition chambers with a diode substrate heater that allows deposition at temperatures up to 1200°C. Layer-by-layer growth of functional materials, controlled by a kSA 400 RHEED system, is also available in our specialised UHV deposition chamber.