A-Z list of Safety Forms

Access Control

Access Control Application Form
Emergency Response Plan

Please read the guidance under Access control and permits before completing these forms.

Accident Reporting

Salus Reporting Online

The College does not operate a paper-based accident report form. To report accidents and near misses, use the electronic reporting system accessed via the home page (See above link)


Corestream went live on Monday 11 March 2024. This is to be used for all biological risk assessments, the F001/Bio1 Form is no longer available.
Approval form for previous versions of the Bio1

Invertebrates risk assessment on Corestream

Plant, plant pathogens and soil risk assessment on Corestream
Cessation or transfer of an activity

F019a-Class I Large Safety Cabinet Monthly Airflow Measurements
F019b-Class I Standard Safety Cabinet Monthly Airflow Measurements
F019c-Class II Safety Cabinet Monthly Airflow Measurements

Please read the information under Biological Safety before completing the forms.


COSHH Form - Updated April 2022 (Word) - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Please read the guidance under Chemical Safety before completing these form. 

Compressed Gases and Cryogenics

Compressed Gases Risk Assessment Form
Cryogenic Liquids Risk Assessment Form

Please read the guidance under Gases and Cryogenics before completing these form.

Decontamination, area clearance, and Permit-to-work

Equipment Decontamination Certificate
Area Clearance and Decontamination Certificate

Instructions on how to complete this certificate may be found in the Code of Practice : Decontamination of Equipment and Areas

Laboratory Permit-to-Work Form
Alternatively, hardcopy pads of PTW Forms are available from Campus / Building Managers.
Guidance on how to complete the form may be found in the Code of Practice for Controlling Access to Hazardous and Sensitive Areas

Events and Festivals

Activity Overview and Risk Assessment Template


Combined Risk Assessment and Standard Operating Procedure Template
May be used in current format or modified by the user to suit. Word version.

Risk Assessment Matrix
As referred to in Risk Assessment Foundation Training (RAFT)

Induction checklist

Please note -  When handing in the Day One Induction Form, you must take proof of registration for the current academic year, otherwise an ID card will not be issued.

Day One Induction Form (pdf)

For staff, students and visitors expected to be on site for five days or more.
Day One Induction Guidance (pdf) 
Day One Induction Flowchart (pdf)
Instructions for contractors and unaccompanied visitors‌ (pdf)

 For more information visit Induction training site


Lone working

Apply for consent to lone work

Please read the guidance under the Lone working site before completing these form.


Machinery risk assessment form

Off Site working

Fieldwork Risk Assessment Form (FW1)
Hosted Risk Assessment Form (Hosted1)
Off Site Contact Record (Conferences etc.)
Off Site Working Emergency Response Plan
Travel workflow and guidance
For Radiation work: Off-site work registration form (DOC)

Please read the guidance under the Off Site working site before completing these form.

Pressure systems

Pressure Systems Registration Form
For supporting guidance, see Pressure Systems


Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
EMF Exposure Assessment Template

Registration of personnel
Personnel registration form (DOC)

Registration of work
Work registration form A - general information
Work registration form B - unsealed radioisotopes (DOC)
Work registration form C - sealed radioactive sources (DOC)
Work registration form D - radioactive specimens (DOC)
Work registration form E - X-Ray generators (DOC)
Work registration form G - other sources (DOC)
Work registration form H - PET or SPECT (DOC) - PET or SPECT and other radioisotopes used in imaging‌
Off-site work registration form (DOC)

Please read the guidance under the Ionising Radiation safety site before completing these forms.

Ultra Violet Radiation
UVR Risk Assessment Template


Placement Risk Assessment Form (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Children and Young Person Risk Assessment
Please read the guidance under the Children and Young Person site.‌