What you need to know if you drive for College business

Driving has the potential to cause death or serious injury. It is an activity undertaken for work purposes, even if only occasionally. Managing risks arising from driving for work is the joint responsibility of the College, its employees and students.

The College has a responsibility to ensure that persons who drive in connection with the business of the College maintain a high standard of driving, in a safe and legal vehicle, and by doing so reduce the risk of death, serious injury or prosecution to themselves and other road users. Staff and others have a responsibility for their own safety and that of other road users.

 This policy applies to the use of College vehicles, lease and hire vehicles and private vehicles when used for work purposes. It covers work-related driving.  It does not apply to commuting to and from the normal place of work.  However all employees and students who drive are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Code of Practice – Driving at Work.

 The College will seek to ensure:

  • That alternative modes of travel will be always be given appropriate consideration
  • Compliance with all statutory legislation relating to driving, the use of vehicles, and medical fitness to drive.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Highway Code (or equivalent when driving abroad);
  • Promote best practice in relation to driving standards, journey planning, rest breaks, and restrictions on the use of mobile communication devices such as radios and mobile phones;
  • That adequate resource is available for the implementation of the policy.

First issued: October 2015