The law and mobile phones

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From the 1 March 2017, anyone caught using a mobile handset while driving, will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 and six points on their license.

From 24 April, drivers caught speeding will face fines of up to 150% of their weekly income.

Heads of Departments and line managers have a duty of care to new and existing staff who drive as part of their role (including any Grey Fleet drivers) to ensure that they understand the new penalties, and carry out any duties related to driving in a safe and careful manner.

Using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving or when supervising a learner driver or rider includes: texting, accessing smart phone apps or even holding the phone while driving. In addition, you must not use your hand-held mobile phone, smartphone or PDA even when stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic. Using a hands-free phone (or eating or drinking whilst driving) will also increase the risk of a traffic accident. If the police think you’re distracted and not in control of your vehicle you could still get stopped and penalised.

The College may be prosecuted if it causes its staff to make or receive calls while driving so the College does not permit the use of hands-free phones.

The use of Sat Navs and mobile phones used as such

People must know how to use this type of equipment properly.

They must be used safely and not distract the driver.  If of the portable type, they must be mounted securely, visible but not obstructing vision or airbags; and audible but not distracting.  They must not be picked up and handled unless the car is parked safely with the ignition off.


If a call comes in when a phone is in sat nav mode, then it must not be answered until the car is safely parked up with the ignition off.

If the police think you’re distracted by your sat nav (or phone in sat nav mode), and not in control of your vehicle you could get stopped and penalised.