Transport of Samples on the College Shuttle Bus

Please note - only the chemicals listed in this guidance note and Category B Biological samples may be transported. Chemical and biological samples can not be carried on public transport as it is against TfL's terms of service - for all other enquiries please contact the College's Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.

Non-hazardous substances (i.e. not corrosive, toxic, flammable etc. and no UN number listed in section 14 of the material safety datasheet) and equipment can be transported using public transport, or the internal mail. Some can be taken on the shuttle bus - but only if they fit into:

  •  a small rucksack
  •  a hand bag,
  •  a small sports bag,
  •  a small sports holdall
  •  a brief case

Transport of Samples on the College Shuttle Bus

Transport Form - Cat. B Bio. Samples

Transport Form - Chemical Samples