Describe what happened?

During electrical safety testing the technician found a compressor that had been supplied with a 2 pin EU plug that was being used via an incorrect adapter plug, meaning that the compressor was not connected to earth at the wall socket. This was potentially dangerous in the event of a fault, as fuses would not trip, and the item could potentially be live.

The use of adapter plugs is not safe as they can be plugged in reverse polarity.

What were the immediate cause(s)?

Researchers had employed an adaptor plug to allow them to use the equipment.

What were the root cause(s)?

The equipment was not checked prior to usage to ensure it was electrically compliant.

Describe the action taken

The EU plug was replaced with a UK 3 pin plug by a qualified technician.

Images (optional)

IN016039 - Compressor fitted with 2 pin EU plug