Day one induction

Day One Induction Formnew staff
For staff, students and visitors expected to be on site for five days or more.
Day One Induction Guidance (pdf) 
Day One Induction Flowchart (pdf)
Instructions for contractors and unaccompanied visitors‌‌ (pdf)

For more information visit Induction training site and the First day essentials site.

Month One Safety Training (MOST)

Learn about the College's hazards, how we manage them and your responsibilities by completing the online MOST course.


Risk Assessment Foundation Training (RAFT)

Learn about the College’s risk assessment process by completing the online RAFT course.


Fire Safety and Awareness Training

Learn about the general principles of fire protection and awareness by completing the online Fire Safety course.


Please use these links if your new role requires you to complete other Safety Courses or if you need more information for New Staff.