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No enrolment is necessary; start the e-learning course by clicking on the link below.
Duration: Approx. 30 minutes

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Feedback from delegates

  • It was very pleasant to take
  • Very informative and not boring!
  • It is comprehensive as it stands
  • It was very clear
  • The course is very well done
  • The course was very informative and highlighted the necessary information
  • It was well organised.

Who is eligible to take this online course?

All staff, students, visitors, contractors, tenants and spin-off companies working on College campuses.
Month One Safety Training (MOST) is an introductory overview of safety. Note that this course is mandatory for all new staff.
You should only need to complete this course once.
If you completed the course before September 2015, you are expected to do it again.
This course is an element of "Imperial Essentials".
Upon completing the course, you (and the person you have listed as your line manager) will receive a confirmation email.
If you are unsure who your Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) or Departmental Safety Advisor is, look at the Local Safety Staff web page.
The course takes about 30 minutes to complete.

What is MOST about?

MOST is an enjoyable way to learn about the College's hazards and how we manage them - and about your responsibilities should you either work with them or accidentally encounter them. MOST describes and explains the College systems - if you are a contractor, tenant or spin-out company, you must have your management systems for any hazards you introduce or hazardous procedures you conduct on our sites.

Why do I need to take MOST?

You will benefit from a safer environment. Information relating to hazards, their controls, and emergency procedures should and must be exchanged between employers, staff, visitors and contractors for our mutual benefit - this is part of the legal requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974.

The learning objectives and outcomes

  • Build upon Day One Safety Training
  • Understand your role in the College safety management system (SMS)
  • Know where you can find details of your responsibilities and who can give you assistance and guidance in carrying them out
  • Gain an overview of the College activities, hazards and associated management systems, including your role
  • Understand the reasons for risk assessment, who must conduct them and the competency required
  • Understand how risk-increasing factors can affect you in your daily work
  • Understand the difference between accidents and near misses and know how to report them
  • Know where to go for further training

Further information

Students may wish to take the course or be required to undertake it by their department as part of their induction.
Staff who have visitors at the College for over a month are responsible for ensuring their visitors undertake the MOST course.

Members of the College who employ contractors or make arrangements for tenants and spin-off companies who will be on-site for more than one month are responsible for directing the most senior on-site representative of the company to this online course. The senior representative is responsible for ensuring that persons under their control undertake the course. This is intended to supplement the local induction from the building manager or person(s) in charge of the relevant area(s). The sections on the College hazards (including waste and recycling), how we manage them, and the system for escalations and reporting incidents are relevant.

Line managers should note the following: MOST is mandatory for every new member of staff joining the College, providing they will work for the College for longer than one month. This includes those rejoining the College.

Information for Safety Officers and Faculty Safety Managers

MOST is designed to be projected, so you may wish to make your local arrangements for MOST to be undertaken - perhaps to a larger group in a classroom environment, with a paper version of the test.
Please encourage line managers who undertake MOST with their staff and students to keep a record of attendance.
For more information, staff may also contact their department safety officer or Faculty Safety Manager.
Those with departmental safety responsibilities can also contact to request departmental attendance reports for the online version.