Our vision

To produce high-quality research to improve health and wellbeing of children in the UK and globally

Our aims

  • Strengthen the evidence base for prevention in early years
  • Strengthen the evidence base for promoting positive health behaviours in educational settings
  • Reduce health inequalities by strengthening the evidence base for action on social determinants of health in early life
  • Develop new methods in data science to measure child health
  • Expand academic capacity in primary care and public health by training the next generation of researchers
  • Translate research directly into practice, policy and raise public awareness in child health

Science should benefit the population it serves and children and young people have a right to have a say about decisions that affect them. Working with communities we have developed an ongoing dialogue that has helped to shape our priorities, test ideas for research and develop an action plan to get our research into practice and policy. Our work has been included in national and international guidelines and policy and has attracted public interest.