A lecture delivered by staff from Imperials WHO Collaborating Centre

Key information

Course duration:  One week

Next course date: 3rd - 7th July 2017

Bespoke courses can be organised upon request

Global health needs are changing, and today's health leaders need to keep up. This week-long intensive course will equip health leaders with the tools to manage their organisations, services and health systems more efficiently and effectively.

Learning objectives

Participants will achieve a deeper understanding of what drives leadership in health and health systems. By the end of the course participants are expected to:

  • Have developed the skills to manage health organisations across a range of dimensions including policy, finance, service delivery and health outcomes
  • Understand what criteria and indicators can be used to assess health services management and performance and be familiar with the tools and resources available to measure them
  • Understand health service business models and theories
  • Have developed the skills to apply critical thinking and creative solutions to real-life health service problems
  • Have learnt about key global experiences and the political challenges of strengthening health organisations and health systems
  • Understand potential responses and interventions to improve health systems and be able to develop action plans for their own countries

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at policy makers, health managers, heads of clinical and administrative departments, health professionals with an interest in management and other interested stakeholders.