The Institute for Security Science and Technology is Imperial College London's hub for security research, engagement and translation.

The Institute was founded in 2008 as one of Imperial College's
Global Challenge Institutes. Each Institute has been formed to promote interdisciplinary working to meet the greatest challenges faced by society, to become a focal point for multidisciplinary activities and an interface to stakeholders, and to formulate and apply new areas of knowledge and technology solutions as well as providing independent scientific advice.


Our vision

Geo-political uncertainties, climate change and changing cyber and physical attack methods give rise to a constantly evolving security landscape. We envisage, design and coordinate the application of science and technology to answer the grand security challenges raised. 

Our mission

We coordinate interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research in security across Imperial College London.  We further act as a security science, technology and innovation interface for academia, government and industry.

Our aims

  • Provide academic thought leadership on security issues
  • Inform and influence security science policy in government and industry
  • Promote inter-disciplinary research in security-relevant areas, and influence the direction of research from a multi-disciplinary view
  • Engage government agencies, industry and the wider academic sector to help elucidate the socio-technical factors of security science

Our people

Our staff, affiliates and Advisory Board are a diverse community forming the backbone of the Institute.