Imperial College London MOVE

We have moved to something new... 


Over the past few months we have been talking about how we present ourselves as the College’s department for sport and physical activity. We’ve been working with staff, students and users, alongside our agency partner borne, to understand how we can use our image and communications to talk more clearly to more people about what we offer.

Introducing Move, a new identity for Sport Imperial.

We are calling ourselves Move because we want to make clear that we stand for a wider realm of activity than solely competitive sport. We want Move to stand for more than just a department, we want our identity to represent our inclusive community centred around all people who want to be active, whatever that means to you. 

We are still the College’s sporting body and at our core is our commitment to providing sports facilities of the highest standard, promoting sporting excellence and actively encouraging participation in physical activity across levels. Our new name showcases more of what we are about: getting people moving, more.

 Our Re-Brand Objective: 

“To develop a new set of visual guidelines for the Sport Imperial department of Imperial College London that allows us to embrace a modern, engaging, professional and inspiring identity that rings true to our students, staff and alumni – and is also compelling and irresistible to external institutions and the wider student sporting body”

Why MOVE? 

Our new brand supports four of our strategic objectives: 

  • IDENTITY – By developing a strong brand for Imperial’s sport department  
  • ACTIVE – By reaching out to audiences which have historically felt disenfranchised with sport
  • WELLBEING – By defining our brand purpose and mission
  • EXPERIENCE – By redefining our values and engaging more of our community

Supporting our mission statement “to work across the College to passionately advocate the benefits of physical activity to enable more people to enjoy an active lifestyle,'' our remit covers all areas of physical activity, extending to holistic wellbeing and mental health. 

Alongside the rebrand for Sport Imperial, a new governance for College sports clubs has been created in collaboration with ICU.  The Sports Hub (a working title which is going through a similar process of development) will provide a space for the College to be competitive and cover the performance approach to activity, whilst Move expands our scope to encompass everything our department does, connecting with a broader community, both students and staff alike - making a difference to everyone, regardless of their ability.

 Introducing Move, not just a name but an invitation to all our people to join our mission and get moving!

 What has changed?

Our logo and brand colours have changed and we’ve introduced a clearer, more contemporary and streamlined style of design to our new printed and digital materials. Sport Imperial is now Imperial College London | MOVE. 

Our new brand and old visual identity may coexist in some areas for some time, however all new materials will now display the new logo. You might notice signs, posters, leaflets, merchandise and other materials that still carry the previous versions of our logos.  This is because we are using a phased approach to implement our evolved brand. 

We hope that you agree that the new identity is more representative of what we’re trying to do and how we try to support you across all aspects of physical activity. If you have any feedback about the new brand and visual identity, then please get in touch with us via the ASK system.