5 February - 3 March

Welcome to Imperial's Big Step Challenge!

We are excited to have you onboard this College-wide steps challenge. We are committed to enabling every member of our community to do 150 minutes of exercise per week and this challenge will help us reach our goal as it can be completed from anywhere, on-site, at home or abroad!

Students and staff can enter teams of up to 5 participants to complete as many steps as possible over the four weeks of the challenge. We use the Big Team Challenge app to monitor everyone’s steps. On the app your team will be aiming to complete the virtual route of Edinburgh – Paris. The easiest way to participate is to connect your wearable tech or smart phone to the app so everything automatically updates.

In addition to getting everyone moving more, Big Team Challenge also plant 1 tree on behalf of every five active users on the challenge. Remember to sign-up and support us to plant more trees in the process!

Ready to get started? Sign up now!


"It was really motivating and pushed my colleagues as well as myself to become better and do way more steps per day than we initially did before. It was a nice and engaging way to feel more together as a team with my colleagues and a great challenge to be a part of."

"I loved being part of a team, feeling challenged to get up and move more as well as understanding and realising that just by increasing my step count how much this can positively impact my health and mental wellbeing."

"It made me get out and walk much more (something that had been a New Years resolution that I hadn't got round to!) and I could feel the benefit almost immediately. I will certainly continue."