Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not listed, you can contact our Wellbeing Manager, Abby (


You do not need to create a new account, log in using the same details as last year, input the challenge address when prompted and join a team!

We recommend using wearable tech or another step counter app to keep track of your daily step total. If you don’t have a pedometer then you can still participate fully, manually entering your steps on the website or app. This video tutorial will show you all the options for adding your activity.

Your options for tracking your steps are:

Option 1: Manually

Use any app, pedometer or wearable tech and manually enter the distance.

At the end of each day, just login to Big Team Challenge and type in your tracked activity in steps, miles, kilometres on the Dashboard page. You can also manually enter these distances on the Big Team Challenge app.

Option 2: Apple HealthKit (iOS only)

Download the Big Team Challenge iOS app and sync with Apple Health

Watch this video tutorial on how to connect Apple Health.

Option 3: Google Fit (Android only)

Download the Big Team Challenge Android app and sync with Google Fit

Watch this video tutorial on how to connect Google Fit.

Option 4: Fitbit

Connect your Fitbit account to Big Team Challenge to sync your steps in real-time

If you have a Fitbit device, you can connect your Big Team Challenge account to your Fitbit account. Watch this tutorial on how to connect your Fitbit.

Option 5: Garmin Connect

Connect your Garmin Connect account to Big Team Challenge to sync your steps in real-time

If you have a Garmin device, you can connect your Big Team Challenge account to your Garmin account. Watch this video on how to connect your Garmin.

Option 6: GPS (Outdoor only)

Download the Big Team Challenge iOS or Android device and use our GPS tracker to accurately track your outdoor walk or run

The mobile apps have a built-in GPS tracker to track your walk or run. This works best outdoors, so it's great for tracking those walks through the park or to and from campus.

Yes, you can. 

Please install the Big Team Challenge iPhone app first, then install the Apple Watch app. The Apple Watch app shows your step count for today along with your team’s total step counts. Please note: The watch app will not automatically sync your steps to the challenge. If you wish to sync your steps automatically, you'll need to connect Apple Health.

If the Apple Watch app isn't showing your challenge information, open the Big Team Challenge iPhone app, go to Settings, then tap Activate Widget & Watch App. This will ask for permission to Big Team Challenge to read your Apple Health step data.


You can now connect various Android devices to Big Team Challenge via Health Connect.


You can connect Samsung Health devices via Health Connect.

No, you can only track step-based activities. Remember, there are lots of activities e.g. Zumba, Basketball and Badminton that will increase your step count!

If you are the team creator, you can invite others to join you by sending an invite on the website or within the app. Go to the 'My Team' section and use the 'invite member' link to send a new invite. You’ll need to know the email address of the person you’re wishing to invite. 

If you already know who is going to be in your team, don’t forget to select ‘invite-only’ so others don’t join your team. 

Yes, as long as you are not the team creator and the challenge is still in the registration period (before the challenge is live and users are able to add any distance). 

If you wish to leave the team but are unable to for either of these reasons, please get in touch

Yes. Your challenge has a team leaderboard which refreshes every 2 minutes, allowing participants to check their team and other team positions. You can also search and ‘favourite’ certain teams to easily keep track of other colleagues and teams throughout the challenge.

Logged in users can create a new team or search and join open teams. Teams are created as ‘open’, allowing anyone to join or be invited, or ‘invite-only’ where the team admin must invite colleagues to join. Our built-in invite system requires only an email address, sending a unique link to the recipient which can be used to register and choose to accept or ignore the invite.

The following video tutorials show how to:

Sign-up to the challenge and complete this form and the Move Imperial team will put you in a team with others from across College who want to take part in the challenge.

Keep stepping! Your steps will still count and be added to the challenge leaderboard. There are prizes up for grabs throughout the challenge so make sure to keep stepping.

You can complete the challenge as a team of 4 but if you would like an additional member please e-mail us using ‘Imperial’s Big Step Challenge’ as the subject line and let us know.

If you've added the wrong distance and you'd like this amended or removed, please contact the Big Team Challenge support team who will assist you with this.

You can chat with them using the help widget on the website or via the app, or you can email them.

We've got a Yammer group for everyone taking part in Imperial's Big Step Challenge so you can share how you're getting on and get updates on how the challenge is going! We'll also be sharing plenty of hints and tips about how to get more steps in on our Instagram.

E-mail us with your question using ‘Imperial’s Big Step Challenge’ as the subject line and we will get back to you.

Use the chat function on the Big Team Challenge website or send them an e-mail.

No, this challenge is for Imperial staff and students only. 

Yes! The challenge is hosted on an online platform so your steps will count no matter where you are - at home, on campus or on holiday!