Undergraduates who assist with teaching are called UTAs. If your department uses UTAs, you can contact your undergraduate office to find out about eligibility to gain work as a UTA.

If you are already experienced as a UTA, you might be eligible to apply for Associate Fellowship of Advance HE (AFHEA), which would give you formal recognition of your teaching role and experience, despite still being an undergraduate: this has obvious advantages for your CV. 

It is possible that a UTA could demonstrate fulfilment of AFHEA criteria if the UTA has helped with classroom/practical learning, given feedback and/or helped create an effective learning environment for junior students. Each UTA’s application will be personal to their own experience as a teacher and some support will be required.

For enquiries on getting hired as a UTA, please contact the undergraduate administrator in your department.

For enquiries on using your experience as a UTA to gain AFHEA status, please contact Alison Ahearn of the EDU STAR Framework who has a special interest in UTAs.