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The College has responsibility for internal quality assurance, standards and enhancement procedures and exercises its responsibilities through its academic governance structures and policy. These procedures are designed to meet the expectations of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) as well as other national frameworks, benchmarks and statutory obligations. 

The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Team within the Registry helps to support departments in fulfilling their responsibilities within both the College's quality assurance framework and the broader national and international context. Departments are encouraged to contact the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Team for advice and support.

Who we are

Judith Webster - Director of Academic Quality and Standards

Scott Tucker - Deputy Director of Academic Quality and Standards

Adrian Hawksworth - Assistant Registrar (Placements)

Lorraine Bayfield - Assistant Registrar (Programme Development)

Kirstie Ward - Assistant Registrar (Academic Standards)

Emma Rabin - Assistant Registrar (Partnerships, Monitoring and Evaluation)

Alexis Hillier - Head of Student Casework

Amy Huynh - Quality Assurance Administrator (Programme Development)

Sameera Sacoor - Quality Assurance Administrator (Partnerships, Monitoring and Evaluation)

Habiba Khanom - Student Casework Administrator

Lauren-Eve Preston - Quality Assurance Administrator (Student Satisfaction)

Please note that the team is currently working remotely and do not have access to phones during this time. Please direct all queries to the team by email, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.