The Registry Surveys Team are able to create mobile enabled surveys for lecturers who have taught for one-off lectures or short periods on a module.

The Individual Lecturer Surveys will be run through Qualtrics survey software– this is different from the survey software used for the end of term SOLE surveys (Student Viewpoint).

Things to note with Individual Lecturer Surveys

  • Through Individual Lecturer Surveys you are able to receive feedback from students close to the session and reduce the list of lecturers presented to students in the end of term SOLE Lecturer/Module survey. 
  • Due to reporting limitations, the system can only be used for single lecturers per module. 
  • We do not recommend setting up a high number of surveys as this will increase individual surveys for students to complete. These surveys are intended for one off teaching that you would like to review on modules and are there to compliment the end of term SOLE Lecturer/Module survey, which should collect feedback for the majority of lecturers. In the past, a high number of individual surveys to students have led to a low response rate and confusion on who is being surveyed by the student. At most, we would recommend one survey to a student per fortnight. 
  • Lecturers who have been evaluated via the Individual Lecturer Surveys should not be included in the end of term SOLE Lecturer/Module survey. For those using the DSS SOLE Extract, please use the standard SOLE checking reports to remove them from the end of term survey. For PG Programmes that do not use the DSS SOLE Extract – please do not include the lectures when submitting information to the Registry Surveys Team. 
  • Surveys will open around the time of the lecture and it will only be open for a short period of time (approx. two days unless there is a reason for the survey to remain open for longer). 
  • As these surveys run separately to the end of term SOLE survey, results will not be included with the overall results generated for the end of term UG SOLE survey. 
  • We will endeavour to meet departmental requests for Individual Lecturer Surveys. If we are inundated with requests we may not be able to meet all requests but lecturers who aren’t surveyed via this method can still be included in the end of term SOLE. 


The questions asked are the same as those for lecturers on the end of term SOLE survey

To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding the lecturer(s) on this module:

1) The lecturer explained the material well
2) The lecturer generated interest and enthusiasm
3) The lecturer was approachable
4) Overall, I am satisfied with this lecturer
5) Please use this box to provide any additional constructive feedback to this lecturer: free text section

The scale for the questions will be: “Definitely Agree, Mostly Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Mostly Disagree, Definitely Disagree, Not applicable”

How to set up the survey

Departments are asked to complete the template (Survey Information from Departments Template) and send the information to as soon as possible (at least a week before you would like the survey to go live). If you have any questions regarding the information and format please contact us before you begin working on the information. If you anticipate a high number of Individual Lecturer Surveys please call to discuss this further. 

How the survey works

An email will be sent to participating students with a link to the open survey around the time of the lecture. Students will be able to complete the survey via mobile devices (e.g IPads/ mobile phones). As the surveys will be open for only a short period of time to capture immediate feedback, we will not be sending reminders to students informing them of the survey.

Once the survey is closed

Similar to the termly SOLE Survey, results will be collated in PDF (Individual Lecturer Survey_ Example Report). The report will be sent to the HoD and DUGS or DPGS to review the comments. Once the HoD/ DUGS or DPGS has confirmed they are happy for the comments to be released the report will be emailed directly to the lecturer.